Nets Coach Made His Thoughts Clear On Lack Of Calls Against Joel Embiid

The Brooklyn Nets suffered a 20-point loss to the hands of the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday.

After the match was over, Jacque Vaughn wasn’t happy with the officials and called them out for not making calls against Embiid.

Some could say that Embiid is already getting superstar treatment but it's clear that the Nets have difficulty defending him and James Harden, who scored 23 and 26 points. 

Mikal Bridges was the lone bright spot for the Nets after scoring 30 points but obviously, he needs help and additional production from his teammates.

As for Vaughn and his team, they need to make major adjustments. Specifically on how to stop Embiid, Harden, and the 76ers if they want to tie the series in Game 2.